Wine Store CRM

CRM and Inventory Management
Dashboard for a Wine Store


Count’d. Dubai, UAE



Oct 2020 Feb 2021


A multi-store wine store needed help creating a back-end dashboard to track inventory and sales relationships among its several stores in a central platform..



4 Months, Start: December 2021 End: March 2022

Designing accountability and relationship management - Technical dashboard

With several stores located in various locations the client wanted to streamline their inventory tracking and relationship management. Tired of using various systems and softwares they asked us to design them a central platform that could keep track of all their stores inventory as well as their customer relationships so that the executive team could have an overall view of the flow of business and inventory. They wanted a back-end solution that would give a bird eye view of business flow while being able to see the details of individual relationships.

Overall inventory and sales at a glance with ability to drill down into details

In order to create the technical backend dashboard we started with identifying the key requirements the executives wanted. Using these requirements we created an overview dashboard for the executives and a separate dashboard for the sales representatives and those in charge of inventory. Approaching this from various levels of views we worked closely with developers to design a central platform that gave each user the ability to complete their tasks from one dashboard while feeding a central view for the executives.

Complete all in one CRM and inventory management dashboard delivered

After designing each page for the dashboard to meet the requirements we then worked to develop the platform for company access. Ensuring each user category had their own working view, along with an overall dashboard for immediate insights into how sales and inventory management we not only designed the interface but also developed it into a working solution with-in the companies intranet.

"Great design is great