Bit Sport

Mobile Betting App for Sports & eSports


Count’d. Dubai, UAE



Oct 2020 Feb 2021


Partner approached us with a start-up idea for a sport betting app that included Esports and needed help with identifying the requirements and then making that into a visual wireframe concept that they could show investors.



4 Months, Start: October 2020 End: February 2021

Ideas into workable solutions - The challenges we overcame with Bit Spot, Mobile App

When the customer approached us, they only knew they wanted to create a mobile app for sports betting, but had no requirements. To overcome this, we identified the client’s top goals, researched similar apps and surveyed their intended audience to identify the critical must-have components for this app. For the initial wireframe concepts, we created the key areas such as user profile with the required settings, a central hub where they could choose a challenge to bet on, and a featured area showcasing upcoming games and recent scores.

Starting with a firm foundation - Designing for ease of use

Betting applications have a lot of information they can show their users, but to avoid overwhelm and confusion we started with the fundamentals needed for a great betting experience Beginning with creating a main hub, a place where users could see what sports were available for betting and a list of upcoming tournaments, and browser future tournaments our goal with this was to capture their interest first while leading them to other areas needed to bet such as account, and match scores.

What We Delivered

Idea to working concept. What started out as an idea we took and then researched, created, and iterated into a working prototype. Carefully crafting each wireframe with consideration for user adoption, ease of use, and product growth. Deliverables were a strategy session on requirement identification, wireframes designed for growth backed by research, and several strategy sessions on product design and development.

"Great design is great